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IRS auditing is conducted to review the tax records of individual or company. When the IRS evaluates your tax documents and notifies misfiling, the documents are sent to another department for detailed review. This can be a stressful situation and lead to unknown issues, causing a burden to you. Price Reuben is positioned to provide tax defense partners to help you limit the scope and information the IRS auditor request to examine. We assist you in organizing and maintaining your tax records timely and accurately.

Why Choose Us?

Our legal tax professionals can support you during the IRS tax audit process and stand in on your behalf before the income tax audits. We have a team of trained and qualified experts to assist you in developing the strategy required to defend your position. After evaluating your tax position, we prepare all the necessary documents required by taxing authorities. In addition, we can also attend all meetings and handle the matter efficiently. From research and analysis of tax position to a comprehensive audit representation, our professionals guide you throughout the taxation process. Dealing with such situations for many years, our experts have experience and in-depth knowledge about the tax laws and IRS tax audits. Aside from resolving IRS audit issues, we assist our clients with other taxing activities to make the process a bit easier for you.

  • Make best efforts to settle tax disputes
  • Investigates your case and determines if you owe the IRS tax
  • Collect necessary documents and analyze them to strengthen your position
  • Tackle required paperwork accurately
  • If needed, defend and appeal the audit
  • Negotiate or eliminate the amount of debt
  • Present OIC or Installment agreement on your behalf
  • Handle your IRS audit notice and ensure only pay the amount you owe

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