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Price Reuben has an experienced and competent team of business experts including skilled accountants, proficient tax advisors, qualified consultants, trained bookkeepers, and other professionals to cater to your business desires and needs in the most effective and efficient manner. The specialized team of Price Reuben provides services in accordance with international accounting laws and offers a variety of accounting service packages.

Price Reuben aims to help you manage regular business actives including bookkeeping, payroll, trust, and estate planning, and provides consultancy services for entrepreneurs

Why Partner with Price Reuben

From payroll tax payments and year-end tax forms to wage and gross pay, our accounting experts compute and prepare payroll reports for your business. Our well-planned payroll system helps you deal with taxes and tax filings and integrate several payroll programs such as time and attendance software, accounting system and HR software to make your payroll function easier. As our experts’ team has in-depth knowledge and experience in the field, we provide our clients with error-free reports on salary processes and wages payments. Our payroll specialists identify and quickly correct filing or paying mistakes while reducing liability concerns.

Our Payroll Services Include:

  • Monitor employee time and attendance
  • Process employees’ salary and wages payment
  • Create and dispense salary slips
  • Maintain employee contract record
  • Record applicable legal deductions made
  • Prepare a monthly and annual report on salary calculations and submissions
  • Setting up and maintaining direct deposit accounts
  • Provide automated payroll records to the employer
  • Ensure compliance with all legal rules and regulations

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