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Foreign Tax & Accounting Services in Houston and Los Angeles

Price Reuben is aimed to provide business owners a specialized foreign tax and accounting service in accordance with international laws to meet your business requirements effectively. With the experience of over 20 years, our accountants provide high-quality service to benefit all of your global entities. Our accounting experts and tax advisors have in-depth knowledge of legal tax implications to offer you optimal solutions for all the complications your business deals with.

From ensuring compliance with different tax systems to the intricacies of international tax laws, filing and understanding foreign taxes has many challenges. Price Reuben networks a team of international taxation experts to aid you through these complexities. Whether you are planning to expand your business internationally or seeking to qualify for tax advantages, our experts can help you achieve aims and objectives while protecting your interests.

Why Choose Us?

Price Reuben, along with a dedicated team of proficient accountants, allows you to operate a business in any jurisdiction in the world to boost your business growth and ensure that you achieve all the ambitions and strategic goals to stand out in the industry. Our skilled and qualified accountants help you understand the ramifications of international taxation and provide you with a comprehensive guide.
Our foreign tax and accounting service is designed to assist you with accounting and tax planning to ensure that you get maximum tax benefits. Our accounting professionals design international tax structures to minimize the risk of double taxation and alleviate foreign taxes. Well equipped to tackle challenging situations, our staff helps you navigate through international taxation complexities skillfully. Price Reuben is positioned to help businesses and individuals with their foreign accounting requirements.

  • Corporate Structuring and Reorganization
  • Non-resident and international tax compliance
  • Foreign tax treaty and tax withholding analysis
  • Evaluate tax-filing requirements
  • Plan CTB and international tax
  • Foreign investment in FIRPTA compliance and planning

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