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Trust & Estate Planning Services in Houston and Los Angeles

Our Trust and Estate services are aimed to help you with drafting the Lasting Power of Attorney, writing a Will, and assisting you with probate services to ensure your estate, business affairs, and finances all remain in order after the death. Serving clients for over 20 years, our professionals have written thousands of Wills and Trusts that successfully passed through Probate Courts of the state. We evaluate our client’s financial situations and provide them with flexible and imaginative solutions.

Will and Estate planning are an integral part of a financial strategy that assists you to protect and preserve your financial assets. Many clients experience challenging issues such as ownership transference, or minimizing estate taxes and income taxes for heirs.

Partner with Price Reuben

rice Reuben provides optimal solutions for your Will and Trust affairs, making your financial objectives achievable. We offer attentive service to our clients with the efforts of our professionals with the collaboration of insurance specialists and business advisors.

We assist you in critical situations, especially when you face psychological and physical challenges. Our experts work with you to design practical and breakthrough solutions for complex situations and provide you the best services before, during and after litigation. Our team is skilled enough to support your beneficiaries and families or guardians under the most challenging conditions. Price Reuben helps you establish your estate planning objectives and assures that your plan is made in accordance with your requirements. Price Reuben is committed to protecting the value of Estate and preserves the legacies of our clients.

Our Trust and Estate services include:

  • Handle all probate activities
  • Identify and safeguard your estate assets
  • Determine the payment of expenses and debts
  • Prepare and file necessary tax returns
  • Distributes financial assets in accordance with the documents
  • Prepare family settlement agreements and final court accountings

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